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Your coaching program will be customized based on your iConscious Assessment, with assessment feedback incorporated into my 6-step Education Leadership Framework.

This framework combines insights from human development courses, leadership coaching programs,  personal growth & discover, seasoned education leaders in the field, and over 25 years of my own personal education leadership experience.  


You will take the iConscious Assessment, which is an integrative, holistic assessment that will help you reach your highest potential.  Through the assessment, we will have a clear indication of where your growth edges are, and what aspects of your growth need the most attention. 

Areas of Discovery:

Identifying what can coaching do for you.  

Identifying what is important to you.

Naming your passions.

Identifying what initiatives you want to move forward.

Naming areas of concern and challenges that are arising.

Work on defining your purpose. 

Creative Professional
Math Teacher


Areas of discovery:

A deep dive into what you stand for.

We will discover old patterns that are holding you back.

Teaching you to be grounded.

Teaching you to be relational.

Teaching you to be aware.

Teaching you how to improve & sustain relationships.

Intentional self-development.

Identify areas of strength.

Identify areas of growth.

Cultivate a deeper awareness of yourself.

Teaching you how do increase your capacity to handle challenges.

We will start to identify your blind spots.


Areas of discovery:

We will explore how you "show up".

We will look at your uniqueness.

We will clarify your vision.

We will work on  building leadership capacities of others.

We will look into the art of delegation.

We will bring more depth into your work.

We will explore modern leadership.

We will understand your modes of great communication.

We will look into what changes you are promoting.

Smiling Teacher
Framework: Services


Areas of discovery:

We will discover the importance of presence and embodiment.

We will explore presence and grounding exercise.

You will cultivate a deeper awareness of yourself.

Teaching personal practices in curiosity, connection & awareness.

Man in Office
Teacher in Classroom


Areas of Discovery:

Exploring how you are  perceived in your community.

Exploring how your team responds to you. 

Discovering how to bring more clarity as a leader.

Exploring how to create a unified leadership team.

Teaching more on integrity and trust. 

Teaching ways to connect fully with your team.

Exploring ways to share your community vision.


Areas of discovery:

We will put it all the pieces together.  

We will have a clear picture of where you are now.

We will define what your new growth edges are.

We will have a concrete set of sustainable daily practices.

We will define what your purpose is.

We will discuss how your new knowledge can change old patterns.

iConscious Assessment #2.  We will discuss and analyze what has changed in your awareness, presence and capacity, and discover what more is possible.

Mature Businessman
Framework: Services
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