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I help school leaders develop presence, and lead from a place of authenticity and clarity.

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School leaders seek out coaching in order to move forward. By focusing on you, and how you are showing up as a leader, substantial shifts in leadership occur. Education leadership coaching aims to improve and focus on your leadership skills in the 'here and now', rather than on the distant past or future. You will be pushed to think more deeply about your practice and to reflect on how your actions and behaviors impact your school.  

Working with me 1:1 will help you as an education leader improve performance, by focusing on meaningful dialogue where depth, reflection, and curiosity are essential. We will work on ways to improve communication and/or working relationships, to see and appreciate a different perspective, gain self-awareness, ways to bring change into your organization, or simply to clarify important initiatives you want to pursue.  Through this work, you will have a deep sense of trust within your organization. 

I will help you improve your emotional intelligence, increase your presence in your school activities, refine your communication skills and have a deeper level of awareness.  I will also reflect your "way of being" back to you, which often reveals unconscious behaviors that are likely limiting your professional progress.

I have found 1:1 coaching is the optimal form of professional development for a school leader.  Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation and see if 1:1 coaching is for you.

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"Hiring a coach is not a sign of a fundamental problem or weakness, but instead a key attribute of being a highly intelligent leader."

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